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Adventures of glacial proportions

Deciding where and how to travel can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of options, however the plethora of holiday experiences can be aptly compared to the structure of an iceberg. You will find that most people only experience what is above the surface with the usual destinations and typical holiday routines. Only the few dive below to experience something truly new; only the few plunge into the opportunity to encounter life at a different angle and only the few embark on travels of glacial proportions.

Have you ever considered voyaging beyond the ordinary and seeking adventure on a cruise? Opting to cruise rather than a single destination holiday opens the doorway to multiple adventures and unrivalled experiences on a single trip. How does a unique nature based adventure to the far ends of the planet take your fancy? Such an adventure can be experienced with Hurtigruten.

Hurtigruten means ‘fast route’ in Norwegian and began life 124 years ago in 1893, initially as transportation on the 780-mile Norwegian coastline from Bergen to Kirkenes. Today, with Hurtigruten’s intimately scaled expedition ships, diverse fleet and highly skilled crew, you can immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled excursions, travelling with likeminded people to remote corners of the globe. Why not take a look at this video and get inspired to find out more?

On a Hurtigruten cruise you will connect with your inner explorer and embark on an active adventure. The Norwegian Coastal Expedition sailings are a great place to start and follow the classic voyage route. You will have the opportunity to enjoy unique excursions and expert lectures and activities with a handpicked onboard expedition team, who will be your hosts on board and on land throughout the voyage.

Whilst on board you will find modern facilities inter-fused with true authentic character. You will take in panoramic views from all the restaurants and saloons and also get the opportunity to sit back and relax, some of the ships even have a Jacuzzis on board. There is a range of accommodation to suit all needs, you can indulge in an Expedition Suite or comfortably stay in a Polar Inside or Outside cabin.

In addition to advanced technology and highly knowledgeable expedition teams on board, Hurtigruten is also working towards sustainable travel, allowing you to explore in such a way that leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible.

When choosing Hurtigruten you will embark on an adventure that engages you in authentic and breath-taking experiences, immersing yourself in culture, nature and wildlife. You will journey into the extraordinary and experience an adventure of truly glacial proportions.

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